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MassTransit (c) GroupLogic *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel SuperPro* Whether you work in advertising, healthcare, education, or software technology, the need to access and share all forms of digital content has never been greater.

Medical teams use X-Rays or MRIs to diagnose patients. Engineers share design files as they develop new products. Ad agency design teams collaborate on creative layouts for marketing campaigns. Banks share sensitive information between business units or with other financial institutions.

Digital content and collaboration together drive the need for a fast, secure, and reliable solution to share information between users or systems.

MassTransit HP and MassTransit SFTP are perfect solutions to address your most challenging digital content collaboration requirements -- whether you are looking for a free personal SFTP solution to securely share digital content or whether you need an enterprise-level managed file transfer (MFT) solution that leads the industry in performance, reliability, security, and ease of use.
MassTransit delivers business results

Tens of thousands of users today are already benefiting from MassTransit, here&qout;s how:

* Enables business users to easily share mission-critical files of all sizes - from 5MB to 100GB - securely, reliably and easily
* Lets users share information at speeds they never thought possible - up to 20X faster than traditional FTP tools
* Automates the countless hours of valuable employee time not having to manually send files using FTP
* Eliminates wasted time resending information because of unreliable transfer technologies
* Minimizes the risks of sending unsecured digital content between users or servers - meeting even the most demanding HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA compliance requirements
* Saves thousands of dollars a year in file shipping costs
* Improves overall email performance and reduces email storage demands

Why MassTransit

MassTransit is superior in a number of different ways, here are just a few:

* MassTransit HP is today&qout;s fastest, most reliable and easy to use managed file transfer solution.
* With MassTransit&qout;s UDP performance option, you can send files up to 10X faster than traditional FTP protocols.
* MassTransit&qout;s end-to-end performance is superior because we eliminate the need to ZIP or UNZIP files before and after they are sent.
* MassTransit has the flexibility to quickly and easily send and receive files using virtually any of today&qout;s transfer protocols including: FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, or our own industry-proven MTAP (MassTransit Advanced Protocol).
* MassTransit does not suffer from the same security or reliability issues that are inherent in traditional FTP-based products.
* MassTransit&qout;s user interface is intuitive and web-based - so usability is never an issue.

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