Doremi CineAsset 4.8.1 Unlimited Cracked Version

Doremi CineAsset 4.8.1 Unlimited Cracked Version CineAsset™ is a media asset management solution that converts common media files such as Quicktime®, AVI, JPEG and TIFF to unencrypted JPEG2000, MPEG2 or H.264 MXF wrapped files also known as Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) for playback on digital cinema servers including Doremi’s DCP-2000, DCP-2K4 and DSV-J2. CineAsset™ can scale, perform XYZ' color space conversion and create 2D or 3D packages.

CineAsset™ opens up new opportunities for those content creators using Final Cut Pro® on Intel based Macs by including a plug-in that allows creating DCPs directly from Final Cut Pro® saving valuable time in the post production process.

Another key feature in CineAsset™ is CPL authoring (Composition Play List). CPL authoring will allow users to organize content in specific order in one DCP (Digital Cinema Package) eliminating potential errors in showlist creation as well as multi-reel feature creation.

Ideal for independent filmmakers or regional theater chains with digital cinema systems, CineAsset™ software allows statutory messages, custom slides and local commercials to be quickly and easily produced in-house without any prior experience in digital cinema mastering. Now, exhibitors and advertisers have more flexibility on pre-show content file preparation and delivery.


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