WIBU Codemeter dongle emulator

WIBU Codemeter dongle emulator Wibu CodeMeter is new technology protection and licensing. Product, manufactured of company Wibu-Systems. This is one of those decisions, which are significantly different from other similar developments. Users get an innovative control system hardware and software licenses. It supports all operating systems without exception. CodeMeter is system ensures a high level of protection, which was confirmed in practice in the Championship Ā«Hacker's ContestĀ». This is a great option for the implementation of the corporate software systems. It is a pliable adjustment for any configuration process.

CmDongle is an element that is part of the technology CodeMeter

CmDongle has different form-factors (CmStick, CmStick/T, CmStick/ME, CmStick/M, CmStick/C etc.). The work of key is based on algorithms 128 bit AES, SHA-256, 2048 bit RSA, 224 bit ECC. You can connect it to the Internet. Support simultaneous activation of up to 6,000 licenses and safe remote programming. This makes it possible to change the license of users directly in the workplace. Electronic keys CmStick provide effective digital management access rights. The keys, made on the basis of USB interface, capable ability to store thousands of licenses. Thus, there is a possibility of storing licenses in different embodiments and from different vendors.

Support of License Options Wibu Codemeter

Text, Activation Time, Unit Counter, Expiration Time, Usage Period, Maintenance Period, Feature Map, License Quantity, Protected Data / Extended Protected Data (128x256 bytes read-only data), Hidden Data (128x256 bytes only readable with a password; usable as secret/private key), Secret Data (128x256 bytes non readable, only usable as secret/private key), User Data (unsecured 256 bytes), Customer Owned License Information (256 bytes).

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