Content Rewriter Pro Full Latest Version

Content Rewriter Pro Full Latest Version " You Can Quickly And Easily Rewrite Your Content And Drive More And More Ultra-Responsive Targeted Traffic To Your WebSite - Even If You Are A Newbie!???

New Powerful Software Makes Rewriting Content Ever-So-Easy!

Main Features of Content Rewriter Pro

  • One click to run Quick Rewrite. Users do not have to take hours to know all the details of option settings;

  • Users Define Macros. Macro value can be text files in a directory, or sentences or words seperated line by line. Users can use Macro to add their own synonyms or same meaning phases. By default, Content Rewriter Pro includes 3 directories of general paragraphs each of which includes 30 paragraphs. Users can use them to define Macros or use their own material;

  • Users can use Embedded Users Define Macros to make rewriting easier and faster;

  • Users can define Export Content Templates for easily adding their own content, such as resource box and affiliate links;

  • Import files can be RTF (.rtf) file, WORD (.doc) file and Text (.txt) file;

  • For each import file, the number of export content files is up to 200;

  • Users can process multiple files (.rtf .doc and .txt) in a batch;

  • Default synonyms database includes about 11600 words and 68000 synonyms;

  • Users can add or delete synonyms from the database;

  • The difference (%) between each export content article and the original import content article is computed based on a users chosen parameters. The differences between the two articles can be as high as 70% or above!


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