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Plantvisor (c) Carel SpA *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Eutron SmartKey* PlantVisor Enhanced is monitoring and telemaintenance software for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems controlled by CAREL instruments. PlantVisor Enhanced is available in the Local version (with the PC-Gate converter included) for computers connected to the instruments, and in the Remote version for the centralised management of alarms. PlantVisor, thanks to the embedded Web Server, can be used on a series of PCs connected to a TCP/IP network. In this way, the information can be shared by a number of users at the same time. Access to the data is protected by different levels of password. Up to 200 CAREL instruments can be connected to an RS485 serial network using PlantVisor.

PlantVisor functions include:
• centralised management on the PC of the control parameters for showcases, cold rooms, compressor racks, chillers, air-conditioners and humidifiers, for both display and modification;
• scheduling of the actions to be performed in the event of alarms and according to set time bands;
• logging of the temperature, humidity and pressure values and any alarms, in compliance with the EU directives, for subsequent display or printing;
• adoption of Retrofit Solutions using new acquisition modules.

PlantVisor Enhanced Local manages traditional and GSM modems to send faxes, SMS messages and for remote access with PlantVisor Remote or Microsoft® Internet Explorer.
PlantVisor Enhanced Remote can communicate with: PlantVisor Enhanced Local; PlantWatch; pCO sistema controllers with modem boards; Gateways. It can also download the data from PlantWatch and interact with the instruments it is connected to.

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