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Stream Explorer (c) Rohde & Schwarz *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* Stream Explorerô Software DVMD-B1 enhances the MPEG2 Measurement Decoder DVMD from Rohde & Schwarz to form a universal analysis system for MPEG2 transport streams. The software runs under Windows 95/98 or Windows NT on any PC or laptop connected to the DVMD via a serial interface. The easy-to-operate software and the clear presentation of test results in two windows of variable size ensure fast and effective working right from the start.

DVMD can store a transport stream of up to 2 Mbit and transfer it on request via the serial interface to the Stream Explorerô. DVMD uses several data or event filters (TRIGGER ON ERROR) which can be activated via the Stream Explorerô. The investigated data quantity of the transport stream can thus be considerably increased if required. Moreover, Stream Explorerô can activate realtime analyses in the DVMD and output the results as moving graphic representations on the PC monitor. The realtime measurement functions of DVMD are thus considerably enhanced.

Five operating modes


for comprehensive analysis of transport stream contents

for detailed investigation of errors in transport streams

for graphic display of transport stream parameters in realtime

for transport stream monitoring and data rate measurement with graphic display in realtime

for saving and subsequent restoring of any measurement scenarios (can be used with all four operating modes described above)

Remote control

All local functions of DVMD can be remote-controlled by the Stream Explorerô.

The Stream Explorerô itself can be remote-controlled by means of other software packages via an interface for task-to-task communication. The two software packages can also exchange commands and data throughout a network. All functionalities and measurement results of DVMD and Stream Explorerô are thus also available for other software packages, eg overall monitoring and management systems, throughout a network.

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