DIGYS Expert UPS Maintenance SW 4.0 (c) Socomec Sicon UPS *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Eutron SmartKey*

Strong points
• Automatic shutdown of the local server/workstation
• Compatible with all Windows™ operating systems
• Automatic recognition of the UPS model connected
• Free download from the www.socomec-sicon.com web site
• Monitoring of UPS operating status even from remote
computers on the network.
- Intelligent use of the UPS
- Monitoring mains power
General Description
Uni Vision is a software program designed to control and monitor the UPS in Windows™ environments.
The long-standing experience of Socomec Sicon UPS in the power management sector has led to the development of Uni Vision software for UPS
management and control. It is effective, easy to use and to program and its compatibility with the most popular operating systems enhances the
power protection and reliability of the entire Hardware/Software system installation.
The main features of Uni Vision are:
- The UPS and installation server are connected through the RS232 serial interface port.
Main control functions
- Monitoring of the most important operating parameters of the UPS and mains power (input voltage, output voltage, frequency,..).
- Automatic recognition of the UPS model connected.
- Management of Power Share plugs (when present on the UPS).
- Recording of alarms in the Event Log file (.csv format).
- Monitoring of authorised remote stations through a common Web Browser.
- Notification of alarm conditions with pop-up alarm messages.
Main command functions
- Orderly automatic shutdown of the installation server.
- Load On/Off scheduling command.
User Interface
- Dynamic graphics interface showing the UPS status that can be accessed using a common Internet Explorer™ or Netscape Navigator™ Web
- Hardware: Socomec Sicon UPS models in the UPS-ENTERPRISE range (produced from the beginning of 2002), MODULYS, DIGYS evo.
- Software: Windows™ environment and the most recent version of any Web Browser.
The program, the manual and the Java Runtime Environment
(JRE) can be downloaded free of charge from the web site
Protection against sudden server/workstation shutdown due to
end of UPS back up time (automatic shutdown function)
Intuitive graphics interface to monitor the UPS from any
station on the LAN (only authorised clients)

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