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What does the abbreviation SIRONA "CEREC" mean?
It is an abbreviation for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic.
It can be explained as follows: a device for an economical and aesthetic ceramic restoration. There is another version that displays the meaning of the method: CEramic REConstraction - i.e. ceramic reconstruction. Both explanations fully reflect the meaning and purpose of this equipment, although today it is rather difficult to call this device simply equipment.

So what is CEREC?

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First of all, this is an assistant, or better to say a magic wand for the dentist. It is no secret that the best material for fixed prosthetics and microprosthetics is porcelain. But, the manufacturing process of a particular design is directly dependent on many factors that require constant investment and time costs. These are: impression masses, gypsum, the time required for the preparation of the model and manufacture in the dental laboratory of any design, then fitting, etc. I will not describe all the stages, everyone knows them by heart, and each one has its own characteristics. I will try to tell you how this process occurs in the clinic using the CEREC technique. Tooth preparation is practically, not much different from the classical one, with the exception of small details.

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