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Sirona Cerec 3D and inLab *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel Hardware Key* Expand your treatment spectrum to include long-term temporary bridges, designed, produced and inserted chairside in one treatment sitting. In this context the CEREC Bluecam and the new CEREC 3D software offer an unrivalled combination. The software superimposes separate images in order to produce accurate optical impressions not only of single teeth, but also quadrants. The resulting 3D models provide the ideal basis for creating veneers, inlays, onlays and crowns, as well as long-term temporary bridges with up to four units.
Optical impressions of entire quadrants
During the capture process the images are displayed successively on the monitor in an enhanced 3D preview window. The images are superimposed automatically, regardless of the order in which the images were acquired. You can tell at a glance which areas you have already covered.
Block visualization for anterior and posterior crowns
The polychromatic (PC) CEREC Blocs are specially layered in order to resemble the enamel, dentine and cervix of a natural tooth. They are the ideal choice for highly aesthetic chairside crowns, inlays and veneers. The software can now visualize the colour shading directly on the restoration model within the polychromatic block. This enables you to evaluate the shading effects and make any necessary adjustments.
Minimal wall thickness
The CEREC 3D software already boasts a sophisticated biogeneric model function for the occlusal surfaces. In addition, the software now warns the user in the event that the wall thickness of the ceramic restoration falls below the minimum limit. The critical areas are clearly indicated on the model, thus allowing you to make the necessary adjustments with the help of the design tools.

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