LAW PreDiscovery 6.1.54 with Early Data Analyzer *Unlimited computers crack*

LAW PreDiscovery 6.1.54 with Early Data Analyzer *Unlimited computers crack* LAW PreDiscovery™ software offers you and your litigation teams the power to produce and organize paper and electronic files with a dynamic imaging and electronic discovery processing application. With LAW PreDiscovery, pre-reviewing and culling non-responsive e-discovery and scanned documents before reviewing and processing helps you eliminate unnecessary costs and reduce time.


Achieve greater control over the massive amounts of discovery related to a case as LAW PreDiscovery software allows you to:

Import electronic files (native files), e-mails and scanned documents
Extract text and metadata
Convert native files to TIFF
Process hundreds of different file types simultaneously
Perform de-duplication and culling
Search extracted text, meta-data and OCR

Customize the interface to suit entry-level to advanced users

One, easy-to-use interface is easily tailored to the level of each user—novice to experienced—so anyone in your firm can store and manage electronic discovery
Achieve maximum productivity from efficient document acquisition

Load electronic files, extract text and metadata, perform MD5 and SHA1 hash de-duplication and create file type filters. Plus, you can simultaneously process mailstores, e-docs, file lists, and Outlook® folders.
Streamline processing and optimize usage of workstations

To save time, all settings applied on one machine can be used on all machines that join a particular batch, making it easy to create batch processing jobs and share the load across multiple stations.
Leverage your existing resources

Compatibility of LAW PreDiscovery with more review tools build load files, push records directly into Concordance® databases and save all and reuse settings as export profiles.
Process data faster

A powerful processing engine helps you meet the tightest deadlines, loading electronic discovery documents, converting to TIFF and performing OCR.

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