ALCoder 4.5.4 *Unlimited computers crack*

ALCoder 4.5.4 *Unlimited computers crack* Why send your documents out and pay someone else to code them? With ALCoderâ„¢ auto coding software, the documents code themselves. ALCoder will allow you to save costs and generate revenue with a recently released version that allows for unlimited coding speeds and extracting up to 14 bibliographic fields of information.

Used by the US Department of Justice (USDOJ), the Executive Office for US Attorneys (EOUSA), and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), amongst many other government agencies, as well as many law firms, corporations and service providers, ALCoder is the leading autocoding software owned and operated by you with no per-page or per-document costs! ALCoder is also available as an outsourced solution on a case by case basis.

ALCoder autocoding software generates bibliographic document coding and may replace the need for manual coding. Whether you're a small law firm or a high-volume service center, ALCoder can help you code your documents more efficiently. Have you received productions with no coding or metadata? Let ALCoder code your productions for you!

ALCoder can be plugged into existing OCR-only databases or databases with electronically stored information (ESI) or extracted text for one-click coding in LexisNexis Concordance and LAW, AD Summation or IPRO Software, or any other software review platform. Users can also bulk process batches of documents using industry standard formats and load files.

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