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Metrix 2010.0.3 for Windows *Unlimited Computers Dongle Crack for SafeNet Sentinel Dongle* Metrix® is revolutionary, easy-to-use software that automatically determines the most efficient, cost-effective imposition layouts. How? By using its sophisticated algorithms and print industry logic to analyze the orders ready to be printed, the available presses, finishing equipment and stocks, then calculating the most cost-effective layouts and delivering the imposed data directly to the prepress system or CtP device, via JDF or PDF. No imposition software required!

Metrix has become the recognized leader in planning and imposition automation because it eliminates the complexities inherent in the production planning process, and does so with ease and simplicity. Job specs can be entered right in Metrix, or imported from your MIS/Order Entry system via JDF, XML, or CSV. Metrix has been designed from the ground up to be interoperable with JDF-enabled prepress systems and JDF- or CIP3-enabled cutters, folders, and binding machines. Some people call Metrix the only intelligent, automated job planning and imposition system. Others simply say, “With Metrix, work just flows.”

Which companies benefit from Metrix?

* Printers producing flat and folded work.
* Printers producing bound work, including saddle-stitched and perfect bound books, magazines, catalogs, pamphlets, newsletter, and more.
* Printers receiving orders via a Web-to-print system
* Printers who do gang-run work – or want to do more of it.

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