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WireJet PM1500 is an unusual system which can print on rigid media of any thickness. The WireJet PM uses house paint or artist&qout;s oil, acrylic, or thermal paints. These paints are so much less overpriced than inkjet inks. WireJet PM1500, you set this system up in front of a wall or fence and spray your design with paint onto the desired surface. Can use house paint or anything (very flexible). With this system you can render your designs on rigid medium, thick material, etc. Very clever idea, but we would prefer to test one ourselves to see what is involved.

This WireJet is similar to a flatbed large format system except that it is erect rather than horizontal. For any new and unusual technology, be sure there is a 30 day return policy in case the system does not function as you expected. Pay only with a credit card so you have recourse to the protection and extended warranty (if you have a Gold American Express card, for example).Based on comments made by a user of this system, it is most politely described as ""not plug and play."" You will have to arrange to set it up, and once set up, you need lots of experience to get the ingredients for your paint mixture to go through the printing system.

The system presumably does work as advertised, but this may not be the appropriate kind of machine for home use or for a first-time user. We have corresponded with a painter who actually had one. Sounds like you need to be good at tinkering.

A system from LAC, Japan, seems similar in using airbrush. We do not yet know whether it is the same technology or not (since few people have these machines, its tough to get information on them).We received second hand information that one or more of the companies involved in the WireJet was closing down. We do not have any confirmation about this either way. As soon as we hear further, we will report that on these pages.

If you wish a flatbed printer made by a regular mainstream company, we have inspected solvent ink and UV curable ink flatbed printers at Photokina 2002, SGIA 2002, and at a print shop near our university which has a Zund and also a Durst Rho. If you are considering one of these $250,000 to $450,000 printers you might wish to obtain Dr Hellmuth?s survey of the dozen different brands from Seracol Inca Eagle through Nur through the aforementioned Zund.

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