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Nemo Outdoor 5.1 introduces support for several new test devices and a brand new measurement mode, spectrum analysis, with the Anritsu MS2721B Spectrum Analyzer. The most recent additions to the Nemo Outdoor test device portfolio include the HSDPA terminals Nokia N96 and LG KF700; HSPA USB modems Huawei E180 and Novatel Ovation MC990D; and the PcTel LX CDMA 850/1900 EV-DO 850/1900 scanner. For HSDPA benchmarking measurements Nemo Outdoor offers the Huawei E169 USB modem: up to five Huawei E169 terminals can be simultaneously connected to a single Nemo Outdoor laptop.

The new release also introduces several new scanning features, such as SIB decoding, missing neighbor detection and sampling ratio configuration. With Nemo Outdoor 5.1, there is no more need for converting Nemo Handy log files: the files can be opened directly through the Nemo Outdoor user interface. For MapInfo users Nemo Outdoor introduces a quick new way to export data. Just drag and drop parameters from the Nemo Outdoor parameter tree in a data view and save the data in .tab format. Voice Quality measurements with Nemo Outdoor now present an even more comprehensive picture of the network. New voice quality parameters include speech activity rate, SNR and noise gain. When performing voice quality measurements with the TerraTec sound card, the following new terminals are available: Nokia N96, LG C680, LG C676, LG KX206, and Datang DTM 8120.

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Nemo Outdoor 5.10 is an unparalleled network measurement and optimization solution for perfecting the air interface of wireless networks. Nemo Outdoor is always among the first-to-market with support for the very latest technologies, currently supporting measurements on WiMAX, HSDPA, HSUPA, TD-SCDMA, UMA, CDMA2000, 1xEV-DO (Rel. 0 and Rev. A), TETRA, cdmaOne, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, and WCDMA networks. What is more, DVB-H measurements are supported, catering to the various needs of our broad customer base. Nemo Outdoor provides our customers with the flexibility and choice to meet the specific and growing needs of the ever-evolving markets. Nemo Outdoor&qout;s powerful platform is expandable beyond current trends to those of the future, and all of this materializes on one single platform. With Nemo Outdoor you can perform not only drive testing but also QoS and benchmarking measurements, which empowers the operators both to reach optimal network performance and time- and cost-efficiency. Nemo Outdoor is extremely easy to set up, configure and use. Furthermore, Nemo Outdoor‘s utterly customizable and smooth user interface offers the customer the possibility to customize data views and workspaces for their specific needs at any given time. Nemo Outdoor&qout;s flexibility further manifests itself in its open file format which enables the customer to integrate in its optimization processes the use of not only the upscale Anite&qout;s post-processing tool Nemo Analyze, but also those of third-party vendors. Through our close cooperation with several mobile and scanner manufacturers we ensure that our customers always get to select amongst the latest test equipment. Currently Nemo Outdoor supports more than 150 test terminals and scanning receivers, a figure which is continually on the increase to meet the constantly changing customer needs for optimal satisfaction.

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