Nemo Analyze / Nemo Outdoor *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel Hardware Key*

Nemo Outdoor™
Nemo Outdoor is known for being the pioneer in drive test measurement solutions, offering a broad range of testing options and support for all the newest technologies. Nemo Outdoor comes with an incomparable support for over 200 terminals and scanning receivers. Nemo Outdoor with Multi or Multi Lite allows benchmarking mesurements on any combination of wireless technologies and can be connected to up to eight (8) test devices (terminals, scanners, and a GPS receiver) at a time. The measurement files are produced in an open ASCII file format. Files can be exported directly to Nemo Analyze and to various third party post-processing tools.
Nemo Analyze™
Nemo Analyze is a fully scalable, high-performance post-processing solution with best-in-class data visualization. Nemo Analyze offers a comprehensive set of technology-specific KPIs for all the newest wireless technologies and enables organizations of any size to manage and analyze vast amounts of measurement data with optimal speed and efficiency.

Integrating Nemo Analyze with other Nemo tools provides a perfect solution for accurate network measurements.

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