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SoftRIP *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel SuperPro* Softrip’s uniquely designed CRM allows companies to increase return on their highest enterprise expense, the marketing budget. Using improved marketing strategy, campaign management, and creating relations between your customer-travelers and potentials, is the key to success.

Softrip understands your need to maintain and track company contacts, individual contacts within these companies, and individual customer-travelers.

Included in this module are the following features:

* Company Contacts Management
A way to maintain information regarding company contacts and the relationship between the companies and the individual contacts within these companies.
* Individual Contact Management
A means of helping your sales force and reservation agents capture important individual contact information at any point of time.
* Companies to Contacts to Passengers to Potentials Relationships Management
Making sense from the complex relations in Travel web marketing (Travel Agent making a booking for a passenger booking through a tour company)
* Full interface to the US post office for Address Standardization and Verification
This feature ensures that your marketing data is free of duplication and wrong addresses.
* Commission Management
* Brochure Management
* Promotion Management

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