SpeedPPC Full Latest Version

SpeedPPC Full Latest Version Are you looking for an edge to dramatically increase traffic and scale up your business...

Perhaps you are looking for ways to outmaneuver your competition...

SpeedPPC helps you:

  • Roll out highly targeted, high converting PPC campaigns 72,500% faster. SpeedPPC helps you turn a month of full time work into minutes worth.

  • Dramatically decrease your PPC costs by using very small, tightly focused ad groups to increase click through rates, without the extra work normally required.

  • Significantly increase your landing page conversion rates by dynamically matching it perfectly with the original keyword.

  • Create perfectly matching landing pages for every single keyword in your campaign automatically.

  • Create perfectly matching ads for each laser focused ad group pushing your click through rates sky high and reducing your costs.

  • Achieve amazing Google AdWords quality scores to allow for extremely low minimum bids.

  • Powerfully leverage the long tail traffic in a way that you thought would not have been possible without full time staff.

  • Track every ad group and every keyword with surgical precision so you can tweak your campaigns into profitability. This includes affiliate and CPA offers that you couldn?????t normally track easily.


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