PPC Riches Full Latest Version

PPC Riches Full Latest Version Overpower Google Slap Rules, Quickly Generate Profitable Landing Pages, Easily Setup Time Consuming Keyword Tracking & Defend Your PPC Campaigns...
PPCRiches Does It All!

PPCriches is a sophisticated, automated content creation system that develops relevant, deep, content rich sites - while taking care of the mountain of "geek-squad" HTML and other programming details.

PPCriches takes your keyword lists and finds all articles relevant to your topic. It then creates site categories and begins automatically posting new articles that are keyword targeted.

Your relevant, deep, content rich site will range between 25 and 50 pages ... The site map will be submitted to Google and Yahoo. You can expect to have your pages recognized by the search engines within 48 hours - which will lead to a higher Google Quality Score.

Your landing page (or if you use the frames approach, your URL / site) is now ready to receive PPC traffic... which now will be much more affordable.


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