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Data Volley 2007
• Professional and Complete: with a single operator using only one PC, you can start scouting simple statistical data, to obtain analytical reports by skill, by player, by rotation; progressing to reach a level of complex and advanced scouting; with the ability to develop charts and graphs with serve and attack trajectories, complex and customizable worksheets, and much more.
• Data Volley 2007 is the response to the requests and suggestions of the best coaches of the world, who have used the program for a very long time for pre and post-match analysis, on the bench, and in practice sessions. Their ideas have allowed/pushed us to make a product of the highest professionalism, without losing the usability and simplicity that has always distinguished Data Volley.
• Complete Scouting: Data Volley 2007 allows for the scouting of every volleyball skill (now allowing for the Freeball) with a complete evaluation that includes the result of the skill event, the type of hit, and the starting and arrival zones; to even more detailed information such as the number of players blocking, the type of error and much more.
• Extreme versatility: the program is completely customizable in each part: from the keyboard, with the choice of the keys to assign to each evaluation, to the definition of the analysis criteria.
• Basic statistics: it is possible to display and print AT ANY TIME analytical reports detailing any and all information needed to objectively evaluate the performance of the team (one or more skills, by a single player or the team, one or more rotations, by set or by the entire match and so on).
• Advanced analysis: with Data Volley 2007 it is possible to make very detailed analyses, for example, to evaluate each skill according to the area of the court in which it was executed; calculate the efficacy of attack combinations according to the area from which have been attacked, the quality of reception, the rotation and much more. This new version also allows you record the attack in relation to the “Setter Call” (the attack pattern of the middle/central attacker in serve reception) allowing you to anticipate the opponent’s most likely play in every situation.
• Attack Directions: the software can scout and display all attack directions, by typing the specific coordinates, this information can be further defined by evaluation, by Player, by rotation. In the new 2007 version, assistant coaches on the bench with a wireless connection to the scouting computer, will be able to input the trajectories directly on a Tablet PC, allowing them to immediately HAVE AVAILABLE all the information they need.
• Worksheets: Data Volley 2007 allows for the management of complex statistics using worksheets. In each cell of the worksheet it the user can enter the data desired (the program will automatically filter from the statistical database) to create formulas, even ones that are very complex and integrate data according to the specific needs of each user, to calculate anything the program may not provide automatically. This information is also available in graphic form to create in depth sheets for the preparation of the next match.


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