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Geomatics Suite v10 (c) SierraSoft *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* Sitio is an integrated system that allows to create, to update, to manage geographic information systems (GIS). It gives the possibility to manage vectorial and raster themes and tables of data; it is also provided with sophisticated instruments for the input, the query and the editing of graphic and analytic data. Sitio is the solution for all those who take information on field and must return, to other GIS systems, not only the drawing but also all the information connected to the objects.
Database definition

Tables of data can be created directly inside the program. Inside tables it is possible to create fields automatically showing the graphic properties of the object: area, length, centroid coordinates, elevation, etc. The fields content is kept updated with the modifications the object undergoes.
Themes Management

The theme contains vectorial data referred to a particular situation (buildings, parcels, roads, etc.) and defines a relation with a table. Inside the theme it is possible to specify the graphic parameters with which to draw the objects contained: layer, color, linetype, symbol, hatching.
Insertion/editing of data

The input of graphic and alphanumeric data is extremely rapid since the user has the possibility to define the requests performed by the tool during the graphic entity insertion phase. It is possible to personalize toolbar buttons making them correspond to the insertion of data on a specific theme without having to activate the theme every time. Each graphic object can be associated to a code which determines the features the object is displayed with: layer, color, linetype, symbol, filling.

Queries can be performed not only on alphanumeric data by SQL type search criteria but, at the same time, also on the graphic properties of the object (layer, color, linetype) and on its position (inside an area, near a line, intersection, etc.). Queries can be saved in order to be performed when necessary.

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