TectonicsFP (TectonicVB) *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

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Software for Structural Geology written by Franz Reiter and Peter Acs for Microsoft Windows.
General Features:

* Can be run on all Microsoft Windows™-platforms.
* Full MDI (multi document interface) application: open as many graphics- and editor-windows as you like
* Developed from geologists for geologists for all cases where directional data have to be processed, with emphasis on brittle tectonics
* Enter data in a database spreadsheet. Exchange data with other spreadsheet or database applications via clipboard
* Use all available Windows™ fonts, colors and line styles and choose from 5 point symbols to customize your plots
* Combine several plots to receive high and appropriate information content
* Export graphics easily via clipboard or file to other Windows™-based applications
* Print your graphics files directly from TectonicsFP with metrical scaling independently of printer used
* Multiuser support: customize your version of TectonicsFP. Continue with your private settings next time
* Number of data is not limited for most plots and depends only on available resources of your computer
* Online-help to give on-screen information
* Short manual for fast ”how-to-use”-information
* Full manual with all references for plots.


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