LIMES 2000 (c) LMT Lichtmesstechnik GmbH *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

LIMES 2000 (c) LMT Lichtmesstechnik GmbH *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* LIMES
Light measurement software for measurement of lamps and luminaires for general lighting

General Features
The LMT Light Measurement Software LMT LIMES 2000 is a WINDOWS-based 32-bit software for measurement of photometric data of lamps and luminaires as well as for evaluation of measurement data to produce test reports according to various standards, graphical display of light distribution and calculation of isolux diagrams.

The LMT LIMES 2000 software
can be used with the LMT goniophotometers and supports the integration of various other photometric measurement equipments. Various electrical instruments, such as AC or DC power supplies or electrical measurement systems, can be integrated.
is a completely WINDOWS-based 32-bit software which requires a PC with Microsoft WINDOWS NT 4.0 or WINDOWS 2000 Professional. It can also be used on systems with WINDOWS 95/98, in some cases, however, with reduced performance. The software has been written by using the Microsoft Visual Studio products VISUAL C++ and VISUAL BASIC 5/6.
is protected by a hardlock to be connected to the PC printer port. Special hardlocks for additional installations at the customer&qout;s site, e.g. for data evaluation only, can be obtained.
supports all kinds of high resolution graphic displays und fully WINDOWS printing. Therefore, all kinds of graphic adapters with at least 800x600 pixels and millions of colors or any suitable printer can be used.
contains a WINDOWS help information program in German or English language. A printed manual is available and can also be downloaded in electronic format from LMT&qout;s web site.
has to be installed on a PC close to the photometric devices, as it communicates with them through the IEEE-488 Bus Interface. The software supports PC interface boards delivered from LMT for the use with the LMT-GONIO program system for DOS, but also several other boards, such as National Instruments, etc. Drivers for the IEEE-488 Bus Interface are included in the software and are installed in the software setup procedure.
can take full advantage of networks. Measurements can be remotely controlled from computers at locations within or even outside the photometric lab. In this case, data evaluation or simulation programs can be performed during measurement.
makes widely use of MS-ACCESS databases which are used for the storage of test programs, test data or system data such as lamps, isolux values or configurations for lighting simulation programs.
is multilingual and comes originally in German or English language. A built-in routine allows the translation of any item displayed on the computer screen or printed in a report into any other language supported by the operating system.
contains a report generator which allows the user to customize printed reports according to his own specifications. Reports can also immediately be sent per fax or e-mail from the PC, provided that the proper WINDOWS devices have been installed.
allows the display of video observation of the sample under test in combination with a video camera and an appropriate Multimedia board.
allows accustical signals as voice text or sounds (wave-files) for signaling status of measurement or in case of unexpected events.
is a modular-built software system. Functions not required at the moment of installation, e.g. for support of certain hardware or a certain type of data evaluation, can easily be installed at a later time.
will also work on future versions of WINDOWS NT and, therefore, will be the future LMT standard software. New releases with enhanced features or new capabilities because of new requirements will be issued frequently and can be downloaded from LMT&qout;s internet homepage.

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