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TopKo module Geomatics Suite 11 (c) SierraSoft *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* Topko is a software for the management of topographic works which offers sophisticated tools for topographic and cadastral surveys and for tridimensional terrain modelling. Topko offers solution to complicated topographic calculations and provides the restitution of surveys; it is possible to generate profiles and sections, create digital terrain models and perform earthwork calculations.
Acquisition of data from field data recorders

The tool allows acquisition of data from the most widespread total stations and GPS; Topko T possesses both procedures of direct interfacement and procedures for file conversion in the recorder original format of the instruments.
Survey calculation

Topko T processes every kind of survey, also by different methods: calculation of traverses with empiric adjustment and least square adjustment; calculation of free stations by inverse intersection with two or more points; solution of isolated stations and automatic rototranslation on reference points; auto-recognition of new orientation; calculation of points by trilateration and intersection angle-angle. From GPS measures or GPS coordinates (lat-long or geocentric) Topko T calculates plane coordinates by projection on a local system or on a defined coordinate system; the projection can use also national grids. For the calculation of elevations it is possible to use national grids or other geoid models.
Survey drawing

The whole drawing is completely under the user control; texts and symbols can be moved manually or through the table settings. An automatic procedure allows to eliminate the overlapping of texts of close points. Specific commands allow to complete the drawing with elements the topographic instruments have not surveyed completely.

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