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Topcon&qout;s Topcon Tools software provides a powerful post-processing solution, network analysis and adjustment with an intuitive operator interface that&qout;s easy to learn and use.

Features Include:

* Supports all Topcon survey instruments and data collectors

* Modular software including Total Station, RTK, Post Processing, GIS, Design, and Imaging

* Easily customizable for your workflow

* Multiple views of your job including Map, Occupation, Google Earth, Tabular, CAD, and 3D

Topcon Tools is a modular product, where each module has its own specific purpose allowing the user to solve different tasks

* PostProcessing Module includes the engine for postprocessing and adjusting GPS+ data.

* RTK Module includes functionality for importing, displaying, adjusting, exporting, and reporting RTK data (data collected with RTK surveying using TopSURV or other data collection software).

* TS Module includes functionality for importing, displaying, adjusting, exporting, and reporting data collected with total stations.

* GIS Module -a less precise, less sophisticated version of the GPS+ PP module for processing DGPS data.

* Design Module includes functionality for working with digital terrain models (surfaces) and creating and editing roads.

* Imaging Module includes functionary for working with images, stereopair, and scan session.

* Advanced Module includes additional options for processing, adjustment and localization. To use a full- function module (or all modules at a time) the user must have authorization for using appropriate modules. To get authorized, the user can use one of the following: USB dongle or access code for a single computer, licence for a set of computers to work in a local net. The DEMO mode allows the user only view edit and process no more than five points in a job.

Graphical Windows® based screens provide a map and CAD view of your project along with sortable tables of observation and vector information. With user defined reports and customizable job configurations, Topcon Tools can process and report data for specific projects and users. Powerful data checking and editing is at your fingertips!

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