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Geodetic Information System 6 - the new multiuser version with the improved structure of databases, allows to carry out a complex of tasks from cameral works to a registration card and an exchange file. As SQL a server of databases Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is chosen . Databases can be divided into registers: certificates, the ground areas, the real estate, the engineering specifications, the state acts, contracts of rent, registration cards, books of registration. The structure of databases is organized in such a manner that in process of creation of the ground areas and the filling, the parameters connected with them, automatic filling registers is carried out. Registers have separate windows in the program, and the operative statistical information is conducted on state acts, books of registration and registration cards. It is separately possible to allocate also presence in the program of module MapDraw giving an opportunity of connection and display of external raster and vector layers ArcView/ArcGis together with internal layers: the ground areas, cadastral blocks, the interfarm device, the soil characteristic, restrictions and rent. Display of a map can be combined with display of the attributive information. In the program there is an opportunity of display and co-ordination of rasters at format Bmp, Wmf, Jpg, Tif and Sid directly on the screen or in a window of co-ordination. The program allows to display unlimited quantity of images and their size, and also there is an import and export of parameters of a binding formats Tab, Rtr, Bpw, Jgw, Tfw, Sdw. The map contains also powerful tools for search of object and its display on a map.


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