Cookie Stuffer 3 Full Latest Version

A Few Things You Might Want to Know About Cookie Stuffer:

  • Virtually undetectable code.
  • There are no easy to see iframes.
  • Built in automatic proxy to mask your IP address and generate fake hits.
  • Downright easy installation. All you need is an internet connection and FTP information handy. The rest is completely automated!
  • Encoded source code. Unless you commit Black Hat Hara-Kari and actually tell someone you are using it, no one will ever know.
  • Cookie Stuffer works with virtually all affiliate networks that use cookies to track affiliate referrals - including CJ, eBay, Amazon, LinkShare, Clickbank, AdultFriendFinder as well as most other adult sites + many more.
  • Easy Console Management and Intuitive Controls
  • IP and URL Cloaking so that CJ and other affiliates will never see you stuffing.
  • Browser identification. Complete control over which types of browsers you send cookies to.
  • Ability to limit cookie stuffing to traffic coming directly from your own select, hand chosen domains. Great security and stealth feature for those who buy cheap traffic.


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