Adwords Exam Full Ebook

Adwords Exam Full Ebook What AdWords Exam has to offer:

  • Introduction To The AdWords Exam: What is this cryptic exam and why is it so important to your AdWords success. Learn why the only real way to be an AdWords Professional is to take Google's one and only exam. Become an expert in your field with a $50 exam fee and a few hours a week of studying.
  • Study Like a Pro: Study Smart: Let's face it. When was the last time you sat down and studied for an exam? It might be hard, but stepping back into those dusty shoes you wore way back in school is the first step to knocking the AdWords exam out cold. Learn how to study the right amount and lock onto every piece of knowledge you will need to ace the exam your first time.
  • Step by Step Sign Up Process: Walk through the sign up process with ease and never spend another second wondering where you enter each number. Cut out the guessing games and get right down to the most important part, taking the exam and earning your badge.
  • Test Taking Power Tips: Taking a test is like the big game. You had better have the right game plan and be ready for anything Google might throw at you. There are more than 50,000 words of study materials available in the Google Learning Center. How do you whittle that down to the most important pieces of information when you sit for your exam?
  • Complete Syllabus for Guaranteed Success: See exactly what Google expects you know for the exam, how often each section's information showed up on my exam, and samples of more than 35 questions taken directly from the Google AdWords Exam.
  • The 7-Day Action Plan: Guides you from step one of signing up for your exam date and time to the final process of sitting down and studying every little detail. Learn how to break up your studying habits each day and pinpoint the exact parts of the exam you need to spend the most time one. Forget the 40,000 words of content you already know. Pinpoint the exact the sections of the exam you need to study and lock onto the best possible methods to take hold of your study habits and learn everything you could possibly need to know.


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