Fast Email Exctractor PRO 5 Full Latest Version

Fast Email Exctractor PRO 5 Full Latest Version Fast Email Extractor is an industrial strength, fast and reliable way to build targeted email lists using the web itself. Specify key words of the search and the Spider brings you hundreds of addresses from web sites found by the search engine.This concept is called Targeted Email because harvested emails and names associated with the keywords of your search and it is targeted to a particular and much more productive audience than just sending mass mailings to people who have no interest in your topic. Our collector supports all major search engines but has UNIQUE ABILITY TO ADD ANY POPULAR SEARCH ENGINE OR WEB SITE THAT HAS A SEARCH OPTION , A BUSINESS ONLINE DIRECTORY for example. You can define your search by yourself and as many search engines as You want! Another great feature of the tool is an option to search into domain like .com , .net , .ca or You can scan your local directory to find emails into any files on your computer, Outlook letters and folders or Outlook express.
Fast Email Extractor saves your email address lists in a database. And never visits the same website's twice even if the keywords the same, unless you specify. The rich filtering options let the user keep unwanted emails out. The speed performance of the tool is the best on the market and it's rated as the best tool for email marketing 2003 .


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