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Iíve promised a couple of projects this year that just arenít getting done like I want them to - plus Iíve found a new love in blogs. Now that I ďgetĒ Wordpress, I want to do more with it.

There are things Iím happy to share with the public in an open access blog. There are other things that I think have a value to them and instead of delaying the release of that material until I have enough good material to put out a book (I currently have 4 books in various stages, plus a membership site) Iíve decided to start posting more often, with even higher quality content here.
Maybe youíd prefer to spend your $67 per month on Google Nemesis where youíll read second-hand, hacked up versions of what Iíve written about in the past. Or maybe, youíd prefer to get it fresh from the source.


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