Billion-Dollar Collection Full Ebook

Billion-Dollar Collection Full Ebook In Billion-Dollar collection you'll find:

  • The 4-page sales letter for a ?male enhancement? pill that made me over $77 Million in sales in just 22 short months...
  • The ?boob? ad that brought me $5 Million in sales every single year. It cost just $3000 to run the ad every month...
  • The web sales copy that sucked-in $1 Million in sales- in less than 24 hours!
  • A simple 4-page ?dollar bill? letter that makes $234.38 for every 50 cent letter mailed! AMAZING!
  • Web copy that made $320,000 in less than a week selling a
  • Real Estate investing course!
  • The letter that sells $100 Million worth of coffee every year... or what about...
  • A sales letter that made over ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Some experts say this letter was the most profitable sales letter ever! Or how about this one...
  • The advertisement that made me the largest distributor of car stereo in the mid 1990?s... it?s in the collection!
  • How about the ad that got my buddy Gary Halbert laid by women way to good looking for him? I?ve got that one too!


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