Trackback Spider 2 Full Latest Version

Trackback Spider 2 Full Latest Version Trackback Spider 2 NEWEST VERSION

After 13 Months of Intense Research, Chicago Programmer Releases Simple Application That Allows Even the Rankest Beginner to Transform Google into Their Personal ATM!

If youve ever wished for a way to get unlimited high PR one way backlinks so you could make any page or website rise to the top of the search engine rankings, this is the most important page you need.

Trackback Spider is a state of the art linking machine. Heres what it does in a nutshell:

  • Finds thousands of trackback enabled sites based on the keyword(s) you select.

  • Posts trackbacks on these sites with any variation of anchor text you choose.

  • Extracts all the pages from your sites and creates links to them so all your pages get the benefit without requiring any work on your part. bye bye Supplemental index!

  • Distributes these links in a patented slow release formula. You can get thousands of links overnight or during a period of months. Your choice.

  • With are proprietary posting systems you are guaranteed to be on the cutting edge and have the highest posting success rate available.


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