The Affliate Conspiracy Full Access

The Affliate Conspiracy Full Access The Affliate Conspiracy Exposed

  • Blackhat Direct Linking on Steroids you've most likely never heard of or seen before. You'll be able to directly link to sales pages without getting slapped by Google. (Use at your own discretion.)
  • Advanced Super Spy Techniques of 2008 Almost devious ways to know what your competition is up to and how to exploit this to take over markets. (These should be made illegal, but they're not yet.)
  • The Exact Arsenal of Push-Button Easy Tools that I use to test, track, and automate my affiliate marketing and how by using these little known secret tools you simply can't lose.
  • Extracting Insane Profits From Google and why you're probably NOT making the most of your profitable campaigns. Why you may be losing sales or worst yet why you may be wasting tons of money. I assure you, it's not what you think.
  • Killer Converting Presells Up To 220% Better ROI with just this one little tweak I discovered totally by accident one day. My conversions skyrocketed by adding this single line of code. (I'll give you this template as a bonus.)
  • The Insider Secret Time-Tested Method I've refined to almost instantly find profitable products to promote without blowing your budget. It's a proven killer. Imagine if you knew what's making money and what's not.
  • Discover the 1% of Advanced Adwords Tricks hidden from 99% of Google's users. Game the system with super relevant, dirt cheap clicks...Forget everything you thought you knew about CTR, Ad positioning and quality score.
  • Peek Into My Personal Profitable Campaigns by literally watching over my shoulder as I go through step-by-step screen capture videos talking you through these actual campaigns from start to finish. Absolutely nothing held back!
  • Smoking "White Hot" Adword Copywriting Techniques that slap back. Google won't know what hit them, when your CTR's are 10, 20, and even 30%. Quality scores will go through the roof, you'll be paying pennies for top spots...
  • Exploiting the Content Network "Rockefeller Style" (Easily worth the atleast 10x the price of this product alone!) Seriously, this is like mining for gold during the gold rush except your all alone with modern day machinery. Huh? It's virtually untapped..the way I'm using it.


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