Keyword LSI Spy 2 Full Latest Version

Keyword LSI Spy 2 looks at what the search engines actually do, rather than what they may say they do. It analyzes the web pages that the SEs actually rank highest for any given keyword or key phrase and reports back to you the words that appear on those pages most frequently.

Keyword LSI Spy 2 reads the keyword meta tag of all the top ranked sites for your nominated keyword or phrase and gives you a comprehensive list of all the words and phrases that they contain. That's every keyword and phrase that the sites that have made it to the very top of the search engines think is important. They've already done the research and you get it all by clicking on just one button!

Rather than just finding phrases that contain your root keyword, as so many keyword research tools do, the Keyword LSI Spy 2 method ferrets out a huge array of related terms and phrases that can easily send your keyword research off into areas you would never have thought of on your own.


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