Blog Matrix Pro Full Latest Version

Blog Matrix Pro Full Latest Version With Blog Matrix Pro and WordPress you can quickly and easily build your own empire of niche blogs... entire websites based around any topic or market to just about dominate specific targets within that market.

It's even possible to dominate an entire market once you put this cutting edge program to work for you. In fact, here's a small sample of what you can do with Blog Matrix Pro.

  • Automatically Create Unlimited Numbers Of Blogs - Quickly and easily create as many blogs as you want on your domains, subdomains or addon domains to begin generating a flood of search engine traffic to your niche offers!
  • Always Stay Updated - Blog Matrix Pro uses only one set of Customized WP-files and one Database to save on server space and is always updated to the latest version of WordPress??? so you will not need to install a copy of WordPress - ever.
  • Complete Management Flexibility - Each Blog has it's own WP Admin area even though there is only one set of WP Files, so you can customize each blog independently and add as many themes as you wish.
  • Push Button Blog Management - If you'd rather manage all your blogs centrally with point and click ease, you have the choice to Add/Edit/Delete all from within the the Blog Matrix Pro API. You could truly build an army of Blogs in mere hours with this powerful component!
  • Automatic Plugins - If you find new plugins you wish to implement into your blog,s like spam filters, social bookmarks, etc. simply drag and drop them to your Plugin Folder and they will be automatically available for all of your blogs going forward.


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