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The coDiagnostiX DWOS Module is a high-precision surgical module with which a wide range of planning tasks can be performed. The most popular features that make this program very popular among professionals are the ability to 3D prosthetics planning and the creation of individual surgical templates.

The software has almost unlimited access to the most extensive dental libraries, including implant databases.

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This module is one of the most convenient to use, and it's not only the simplicity of the interface and user settings, but also the ability to create a three-dimensional most realistic model with a 360o view. High accuracy of scanning and performed calculations allow the program to independently determine the optimal location of the future prosthesis.

This software can be used by both professionals and beginners - all thanks to the presence of 2 planning modes. Standard mode provides more options with automatic and manual settings, light mode contains a large number of protocols accompanied by step-by-step instructions.

Another important plus - a fully functional application has been developed for this module for the iPad, so you can analyze every clinical situation at any time, have access to data updates, and make adjustments to the design and modeling processes.

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