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If the machine is with IMMO, then you need a PIN code (it comes with the machine from the factory on paper in a pet bag). If the car is from Europe, then 99.9%, that with IMMO. It is also necessary to take into account that coordinators may differ in speed on the red CAN bus (250 or 500). If the donor is with immo, then when trying to unlock SDP 3, the program will ask for a PIN code. If the second car is with immo, then SDP 3 will ask for a PIN code on it, too ...

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Electronic immobilizer is an anti-theft device that makes it impossible to start
car without using a valid starter key.
Responder (built into starter key), coordinator and engine control unit
communicate with each other using encrypted signals. This principle is very safe, as encrypted signals cannot be read or copied.
When the driver turns the ignition key, the coordinator will check the validity of the key at the same time as the control units (in the coordinator and the engine control unit) will
check each other out.
If a malfunction is detected, the system will interrupt starting with the coordinator for locking the starter relay, which controls the starter and the engine control unit cutting fuel supply.
The electronic immobilizer is completely independent of whether it is included in certain generations of Scania VPS (Vehicle Protection System). They work with different principles and should not be confused.
From 0111 (may vary depending on the market), the immobilizer can be installed as an option at the factory or retrofitted if the vehicle is entered
equipped with focal points and a contradictory unit of the correct generation.
The coordinator must be generation 4, in combination with the EDC control unit: either
Enter S6 or MS6.

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