MillBox *Dongle Emulator (crack)*

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The most intuitive and simple Dental CAM solution ever made

MillBox dongle emulator (powered by Sum3D) is the new dental CAM solution developed for milling any kind of material.
Equipped with a simple user interface and both innovative and appealing, it simplifies the toolpaths process creation.

Software modules (options): SUM2D, PA2D, LABCONV, DXFISO, TTE-Cutting, NCExplorer, SERCOM, Trace, Puma, Rhino Plug-ins, m&h 3D Inspect, SelCAM 3D, Zimage, Rave, Electrodex, FenixCAD, RhinoNC, SUM3D Dental Statistics, DentalShaper, etc.

Using MillBox operations easy to perform, no manual process and users are operative
as a result of a short training. MillBox is an advanced CAM, easy to use and that optimizes
time and costs, with significant return on the investment made.

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