Maestro Ortho Studio *Dongle Emulator*

Maestro Ortho Studio *Dongle Emulator* Maestro Ortho Studio Build 2.800 with 3 modules activated now tested with Matrix dongle emulator

Ortho Studio (with dongle emulator) is a dedicated software package used for the inspection, editing and analysis, using high-quality 3D data of patient’s cases scanned with Maestro 3D dental scanner. It is accompanied by a free viewer that allows to distribute the digital models to the customers. Available both for PC and IPad.


Powerful – It is a robust and accurate instrument for editing, inspect and analyze all patient cases.

Complete - In addition to editing operations on the models, it is able to handle Patient, Surgery and Doctor info using AGE DB.

Fast - It allows in a few minutes to perform all analysis operations.

Easy to use - Thanks to the wizard mode it is very simple to perform any operation. Just few simple steps are requested to add custom virtual bases to maxillary and mandibular models.

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