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StreetTrek 3 *Keygen for Unlimited computers use* Real-time asset management with high-resolution maps.

StreetTrek3™ is the industry’s leading asset management solution for MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio Systems. This powerful software solution provides dispatchers and administrators with real-time asset tracking and management capabilities with high-resolution Tana maps to improve operational efficiency.

High-resolution, US street level Tana maps provide greater detail for precision tracking. Optional country maps, custom maps, satellite maps, and picture integration are available.
Highly customizable map layers allow users to adjust the display for their specific needs.
Address search, street directionality, and landmarks work with satellite image integration to provide advanced tracking.
Advanced features, such as geofencing and telemetry with both visual and audible alerts, provide greater asset monitoring and control.
Multiple map views, customized asset graphics, and asset history reports with breadcrumb trail allow for individual assets to be easily tracked. (Reports may be exported in CSV or TXT formats)
Optional Milsoft integration with appropriate server.
Online updates allow StreetTrek3 to operate with the latest data and functionality.
StreetTrek3 integrates seamlessly with StreetTrek Location and Messaging Server™, TrboDVR Server™, Capacity Plus and Connect Plus Servers™, allowing for multiple clients.

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