MotoTune 8.13 *Dongle emulator for Marx CryptoBox*

MotoTune 8.13 *Dongle emulator for Marx CryptoBox* MotoTune® ECU Calibration Tool

The MotoTune® calibration development tool provides all of the functionality needed for typical day-to-day calibration tasks. An intuitive, spreadsheet-like user interface provides easy access to all of the calibration related RAM and ROM parameters contained in the Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

Key Features

All calibrations and measurement parameters are displayed in engineering units.
Simultaneous connections to multiple ECU's
Multiple applications connected to any single ECU
Comprehensive online help system
User configurable shortcut keys
Powerful graphing and data visualization tools

MotoTune® Functionality
Calibration (ROM) Editing

Multi-document, spreadsheet-like calibration map interface
1-D and 2-D linear interpolation autofill capability
Map operating point auto-follow mode (indicates current operating point in calibration map)
Multi-type calibration map graphical display capability
On-line and off-line editing with automatic synchronization
Cut and paste to other PC applications
Intelligent calibration map print utility
High/low resolution parameter incrementing via PC keyboard
Calibration scroll-back buffer
Calibration creation via upload from ECU
Intuitive parameter directory tree structure with "find" function

ECU Flash Programming

Built in ECU programming capability
Programming directly from merge utility

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