VenueMagic DMXAV 2.1.56 *Unlimited Computers Crack*

VenueMagic DMXAV  2.1.56 *Unlimited Computers Crack* VenueMagic® DMX+AV is not just your industry standard, it sets the Standard! DMX is not just for lighting anymore, we've combined timeline editing, audio and video mixing and editing and sophisticated DMX lighting control into one complete, easy-to-use package. Then, just for good measure we threw in playlists, programmable sliders, DMX routing, DMX recording, MIDI control, beat detection and a whole lot more.

What you can do with VenueMagic:

Create spectacular shows with precisely synchronized audio and DMX lighting using a powerful, easy to understand graphical timeline-based editor.
Mix and edit multi-track audio for playback.
Control playback, lamp level and audio levels from an external MIDI, DMX or joystick device.
Run an unlimited number of timelines simultaneously. Overlapping channels are merged together.
Fully automate show playback with the date/time scheduler.
Perfectly blend on-the-fly manual lighting adjustments with playback of pre-built timelines.
Control other devices using MIDI messages.


Multi-track timeline-based show design
Unlimited number of audio and lamp control tracks
Audio playback and editing (controls a single stereo output).
Simultaneous audio output through multiple audio devices
Control 512 DMX channels (1024 channel version coming soon!)
Multiple DMX interfaces supported:
Enttec Open DMX USB
Enttec DMX USB Pro
Velleman K8062
DasLight/Sunlight SIUDI6
DMX Input (Artnet and Enttec DMX USB Pro only)
DMX, MIDI and Joystick input capability
Full-featured playlist
Programmable sliders
Programmable cue buttons
DMX channel routing and merging
Hundreds of pre-built fixture profiles for lots of manufacturers
Custom DMX fixture profile designer
Custom lamp chaser designer
Envelope editor for designing custom precision lighting effects
Event scheduler for long-term scheduling of timeline playback
Timeline markers for labeling important parts of timeline. Easy navigation between markers.
Choose from a library of pre-designed lamp effects or custom design one of your own
Ten levels of exclusive foreground cues
Unlimited background cues.

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