eFilm Workstation 3.1 FULL *Unlimited Computers Crack*

eFilm Workstation 3.1 FULL *Unlimited Computers Crack* The most widely used diagnostic workstation in the world keeps getting better.

Thumbnail Viewer (Floating or Docked)
• Simplifies the task of choosing images and where they are displayed
• Can be toggled on/off or set to come up with every study through the Study Manager window
• Provides easy access to thumbnails of related studies as well as current study

User Login/Authentication
Identifying the user to the system allows eFilm to retrieve user-specific profile information and provides a mechanism to meet HIPAA requirements regarding information access.

PET/CT Image Display
Fused PET and CT images from the same study can be viewed, permitting visualization of functional PET data combined with anatomical CT data.

Pixel-for-Pixel Zoom
Provides the option to display the image at full resolution with no interpolation.

True-sized Printing
User can specify a scale factor that will result in true-sized DICOM printing, needed for orthopedic templating when using acetate templates.

• MPR Reconstruct a cross-sectional image in any plane from CT or MR data
• View real-time reconstruction in any orthogonal or oblique plane with exquisite image quality
• Use MPR plane to generate slabs of arbitrary thickness via MIP
• Automatically creates a new series
• Stack through the reformatted images as you would any other series; view each slice's relative position on the source image

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