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INSEL is ...

... a modular simulation environment, which offers more than a conventional simulation program.

... a software to understand, plan, monitor, and visualize energy systems. For this purpose, INSEL provides state-of-the-art functions as blocks for the simulation of meteorological data, electrical and thermal energy components, which can be interconnected to a concrete solution of a simulation problem.

... a software in which simulation models can be created from existing blocks in the graphic editpr HP VEE with a few mouse clicks. The simulation of systems like on-grid PV generators with MPP tracker and inverter, for instance, becomes practically a drawing exercise.

... a software which supports you with datases for photovoltaic modules, inverters, thermal collectors and meteorological parameters. Even more, INSEL offers a programming interface for the extension of the block library.

... a software which enables complex simulation applications to be equipped with convenient user interfaces. The underlying block diagram can be hidden - but a possible change into the „detail view“ remains accessible. Hence, such a simulation model can be used by unexperienced programmers. Professional programmers can make refinements of the model in the detail view and can analyse detailed results.


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