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HALCON *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin HASP SRM* HALCON 10 again provides many great innovations for all machine vision users, such as:
Powerful 3D vision
HALCON offers an outstanding amount of 3D vision methods - making it the only software you need for your application. HALCON 10 further strengthens your 3D vision power with new methods, such as the uniquely robust surfacebased 3D matching. Furthermore, HALCON&qout;s new multi-view stereo enables you to use an unlimited number of cameras for 3D reconstruction. This compensates occlusions and guarantees robust robotics applications. Moreover, version 10 further improves HALCON&qout;s comprehensive calibration technology and introduces multi-view 3D calibration for any number of cameras. Finally, HALCON 10 is able to fit 3D primitives by analyzing 2 ? D point clouds.

First class matching in any dimension
HALCON is already well-known for premium matching technology both for 2D and 3D vision applications. Version 10 now introduces the new local deformable matching to even find objects with surface deformations. HALCON 10 also allows model generation for deformable matching methods from DXF files. Furthermore, HALCON&qout;s shape-based 3D matching is considerably faster, and now provides a fast pose refinement.
Faster and smarter
For highest performance, HALCON 10 provides an efficient automatic GPU acceleration based on the OpenCL standard. More than 50 operators already profit from this feature. In addition to this, HALCON&qout;s well-known automatic operator parallelization for multi-core processing has been extended and improved to further speed up the library in general. At the same time, HALCON 10 significantly reduces the main memory needed. To speed up classification applications, HALCON 10 now provides LUT-accelerated classification.
Best basis for identification applications
HALCON 10 provides the new smart text finder for robust and easy segmentation in OCR applications. Besides, it contains new and improved pre-trained fonts. For bar code reading, HALCON 10 supports an automatic training mode based on sample images, autodiscrimination of bar code types, and faster reading of composite codes.
Simply faster development
The ease of use of HALCON&qout;s integrated development environment was further improved. HDevelop now provides a new measure assistant, new tools for interactive ROI handling, for measuring image distances, and for obtaining gray-value profiles along lines and arcs. Developers now may also use global variables in HDevelop programs and can simultaneously open multiple program windows. Also besides HDevelop, HALCON 10 provides many new features for developers, such as new HALCON codelets for 1D measuring and line profiles, and a generic socket communication with external devices and applications.
Further New Features
Broad range of new HDevelop application examples
3D matching with increased robustness in cluttered images
New HALCON operators for thread synchronization
Automatic generation of OCR classifiers from system fonts
Inverse selection with regular expressions
Numerous improved image acquisition interfaces
New ""Solution Guide on Matching"", covering all
2D and 2 ? D matching methods
Extended ""Solution Guide on 3D Vision"", now also including depth from focus
New HDevelop dialog for breakpoint management
New HDevelop error and warning message console
Transformation of visualization settings into HDevelop code
New model image editor in HDevelop Matching Assistant
Password protection of entire HDevelop programs
Many additional keyboard shortcuts

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