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FlexPro 8 (c) Weisang *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin HASP SRM* ""FlexPro&qout;s easy to use, modern user interface, and one of the largest function libraries available, are first class. The vast number of import and export filters make FlexPro a core application for the analysis of measurement data. For tricky applications, the full accessibility of FlexPro&qout;s objects through Visual Basic for Applications is a real innovation! Programming is as simple as with Excel and Word and at the same time very fast, even when dealing with large data volumes. And FlexPro manages your analysis results as dynamic objects which you can use just like data sets.""

Norbert Ramm, Volkswagen AG

FlexPro&qout;s elegant, object-oriented interface is designed to make your work easier. FlexPro manages all your data, analyses, and presentations in a powerful project database that is displayed within the FlexPro Explorer.

Here, within the familiar, structured Explorer environment, you can import and organize data from practically any source, then analyze and view your results. Each object window is tabbed, so itís easy to find what youíre looking for Ė no more time wasted moving and minimizing overlapping windows to locate objects lost behind them.

FlexPro organizes your whole project database into an easy-to-navigate, on-screen filing system. You can organize all your data sets, analyses and presentations into any number of folders and subfolders, keeping you firmly in control. You can use the comprehensive search function to sift through your accumulated data. FlexPro will easily handle databases of any size Ė the only limitation is the size of your hard drive! Yet however big your data set, youíll be amazed at how quickly FlexPro processes it.

The Hierarchy View provides you with an overview of the structure of your analyses.

The content of each data set, graph, or analysis is always visible in the preview window . Simply drag-&-drop to copy, move, and link objects, to import data or to add a new curve or a new axis. Using the properties window itís easy to modify and adjust attributes such as font size, color, line width, etc.. You can even change the attributes of multiple objects in just one step. Multi-level undo/redo lets you recover from mistakes and accidents.

FlexPro is the ideal software for analyzing data from Excel . In addition to importing spreadsheet data, FlexPro allows you to open your Excel workbook from within FlexPro itself. The full power of FlexPro is now at your command.

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