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VESTRA CAD for AutoCAD is a comprehensive software solution targeted at the production of highway and road design. It offers powerful, yet easy-to-use design capabilities. Program handling is supported by wizard-like interfaces that guide you through the entire project workflow. VESTRA CAD makes use of refer­ences between data to determine an optimal design solution, and whenever design features change, the design can be easily updated with the new information and be adjusted to fit the new situation where needed.

Some benefits at a glance

* Alignment Manager and Wizards let you easily design intersections, roundabouts, and turning facilities
* Swept path module for checking the feasibility of a construction
* Cross sections can be easily produced by using elements with just a few mouse clicks – elements can be chosen from extensive built-in libraries, user-defined elements can be added
* DTM module generates DTMs from an unlimited number of points, using rapid processing speed; offers many evaluation tools and automated calculations
* Design changes are updated automatically through dynamically linked alignments

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