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General purpose 3D solids and surface modeler
form•Z, the 3D form synthesizer, is above all a 3D modeling program, even though it also includes drafting, rendering and animation. Additional photorealistic rendering is offered by form•Z RenderZone Plus.
It is a general purpose modeler that designers from a variety of different fields can use to create and visualize 3D forms. A few samples of what users from distinctly different fields are doing are shown above. For a more extensive exhibition of form•Z users&qout; work, please visit our Gallery.
It combines solids and surface modeling. It also combines faceted (boundary) representations with parametric spline representations, NURBS, patches, and metaballs. This unique mixture of modeling personalities allows you to create any form, existing or imaginary, while working in a single package.
It is a design oriented program that, not only allows you to visualize existing forms, but also to create new ones, which remain soft and tentative while they are generated. form•Z is above all a 3D form synthesizer.


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