VisualDMX LCS *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Wibu CodeMeter*

VisualDMX LCS *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Wibu CodeMeter* VisualDMX is a software package for controlling entertainment and architectural lighting. This DMX-512 lighting controller is used in fixed installations in Discotheques, Clubs, Restaurants, Conference halls and other venues requiring live or pre-programmed lighting control.

The functions and friendly user interface makes every lighting operator feel at home behind the VisualDMX lighting controller. Familiar features and industry standard lighting control concepts speed up the learning curve for the live-control of this DMX software and will unleash the creativity in your light-jockey’s performance.

A characteristic of lighting controllers installed in clubs or similar venues is that often there are no trained lighting technicians available. VisualDMX fully supports such situations. The software comes with extensive password protection and simple touch screen interfaces that hide the complexity of a lightshow and offer only the presets to trigger different lighting atmospheres; without any room for error.

VisualDMX is designed to control Moving lights, LED, conventional fixtures and many more. With 1,500+ supported lighting and effects, VisualDMX will control everything from Moving heads to Smoke generators and from LED Tubes to Lasers.


Choose for reliability; VisualDMX has been used on the market for over 7 years and has earned its reputation on reliability through its proven technology. The products are backed up by a professional and dedicated technical support team.


VisualDMX is widely known for its user-interface that excels in user friendliness. Based on the Fixture Independent Architecture, VisualDMX can present all its functions and features in a consistent and intuitive fashion, making this software perfectly suitable for Live control.


VisualDMX comes with an add-on software tool for creating 100% touch screen optimized user-interfaces. This program, VisualTouch, hides the complexity of a lightshow and offers simple control buttons for triggering different pre-programmed lighting cues; ideal when used in an installation.


The control of matrix set-ups for dance floors or LED panels is a specialty of the designers behind VisualDMX. This DMX lighting software is therefore also equipped with an in-built fully-functional matrix controller. Customisable patterns can be applied on the matrix, independent of its size. These patterns include bitmap rendering (for logo projection), animations (standard animated GIF) and text display.

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