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Avid Xpress Pro *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel SuperPro* Overview

Conform, Composite, Stereo 3D, Graphics, and High-Res Editing and Finishing
Create high-end content quickly and efficiently with Avid DS, the single-source solution that gives you deep, high-resolution effects capabilities, rich creative workspaces, and a resolution-independent architecture for 2D and stereo 3D projects. Now, you can meet the challenging demands of any project using the DS toolset, which combines superior compositing, graphics, effects, and finishing capabilities with advanced conform from Media Composer, Unity, and Interplay integration.

Inspired Creativity
Inspiring creativity while keeping pace with your unique workflows, the sophisticated Avid DS toolset turns in stellar performances on any project, from broadcast promos and television projects to theatrical commercials, music videos, and feature films.

Maximum Workflow Control
Easy to install, integrate and use, Avid DS features high bit depth and high-resolution support, dual link I/O for HD-RGB (AJA dual link I/O required), and RED, ARRI, and DPX finishing. Increase your system ability to work with R3Ds with the new RED Rocket accelerator card, available separately from RED Digital Cinema.

Open Integration
From start to finish, open integration with Avid Interplay, Avid Unity and Avid Media Composer allows Avid DS to make you more productive and creative. This powerful toolset allows you to finish any project and make every session more productive by accepting industry standard project formats such as AAF, EDL, and OMF.

Worldwide Community Support
Inspired by our worldwide community of passionate, world-class users, Avid provides an unparalleled level of service and support. Our online forums help you connect with the best editors in the business. Experienced, dedicated support and training programs keep you on top of your game at costs you can afford. Online real-world user communities provide feedback, news, and ongoing support.

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