GPSeismic (c) Dynamic Survey Solutions *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel SuperPro*

The GPSeismic software is protected through the use of a USB port security device.
Each device has a unique serial number that is both printed on the outside of
the device (key) as well as permanently burned into the key memory. Since all
components of the GPSeismic software are available for unrestricted download
from the DSS web site at any time, we consider a license to GPSeismic to be
one of these properly programmed USB keys. Please be careful not to lose your
key as replacing it will require purchasing a new license. If your key is ever
damaged, we will replace it at no charge (as long as your support subscription
is current) once the damaged key is returned to us.
GPSeismic Dominion Land Survey Option

Canadian users have the ability to purchase an option From Dynamic Survey Solutions
which provides access to the Alberta and Saskatchewan Dominion Land Survey (DLS)
systems, as well as the British Columbia Petroleum and National Gas grid system (PNG).

The DLS/PNG township option for GPSeismic allows the user to determine from within
various applications which section/unit a point is contained in or which corner a
point is nearest to. Also, maps can be created for any region which depict the
sections/units, and where applicable, road allowance and legal divisions.

After purchasing the DLS/PNG option from Dynamic Survey Solutions, you must
obtain the desired data for Alberta, Saskatchewan or BC

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